Broadband Benefits

Healthcare requires connected information technology solutions to enhance primary prevention, promote health, accurately diagnose and treat illness and injury.

Healthcare providers need secure, cost effective, high capacity, and highly reliabile network access.  

The core RNHN Fiber Network is a 750 mile, 84 fiber, privately owned, redundant ring that  provides high security and availablity for healthcare mission critical operations.  
Well designed fiber networks are redundant, the network has to fail in multiple ways to cause an outage.  If a fiber is cut, or a switch or router suddenly fails, another pathway maintains the communication flow. Redundant systems deliver significant value with high availability, reliability, and predictability.
A Regional System of Care Provided Locally ®
Congratulations are in order!
The Rural Nebraska Health Care Network Broadband Fiber Network has been chosen as the Nebraska Community Broadband Award’s Outstanding Infrastructure Project. 
The award comes from the Nebraska Broadband Initiative and recognizes communities which have successfully partnered with a broadband provider to improve broadband availability.
RNHN partnered with Mobius Communications, Hemingford NE and Zayo Group on this project.
Read more about the fiber network and our partnerships here .
Celebrating the Power of Rural
The National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH) and iVantage recognizes six  Rural Nebraska Healthcare Network hospitals as having reached top quartile performance status in Outcomes, Patient Satisfaction, and Financial Strength compared to all acute care hospitals in the nation.  The rest of the story
Rural Nebraska Healthcare Network
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into law on March 23, 2010 acknowledged the important role hospitals play in their community. Tax exempt hospitals are required to engage their service area in a community health needs assessment and then define implementation strategies to address the needs identified. This process highlights how important it is for hospitals to be aware of their community’s needs and recognizes there are opportunities beyond the hospital walls to have a significant impact on the health of their community.
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RNHN Highlighted in Rural Roads Magazine -Summer 2014 – National Rural Health Association
Nebraska Networks
Nebraska has a rich history of its hospitals working together, and the state boasts several networks.
Established more than 18 years ago, Rural Nebraska Healthcare Network (RNHN) includes eight CAHs
and one regional hospital.
“Networks in Nebraska provide an organizational structure to focus on quality improvement activities,”
says Dave Palm, PhD, Nebraska’s flex coordinator. “The hospitals in the networks have developed close working relationships, which allow them to communicate more openly and share best practices.”
Current RNHN projects include reporting on all MBQIP inpatient and outpatient Hospital Compare measures, mock Joint Commission surveys and the expansion of the broadband fiber network to increase the use of telehealth.
This network has also experienced significant improvements in outcomes. From the first quarter of 2011
to the second quarter of 2013, the average network scores on the HCAHPS measure “Would you recommend this hospital to friends and family” increased from 67.4 to 74.8 percent.